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Sponsor Packages

Package Name Amount Level Renewal Amount
Single $475 3’x 3’ Dugout Sign (1-Field) $300
Double $675 4’ x 8’ Outfield Sign (1-Field) $500
Triple $1,350 4’ x 8’ Outfield Signs (2-Fields) $1,000
Sacrifice Bunt $1,675 4’x 8’ Facing FM 1626 $1,500
Home Run $4,725 4’ x 8’ Outfield Signs (All 7 Fields) $3,500
Custom Call for details name on field for specified time period -

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Sponsor Agreement

New sponsor signs, include a one time charge for design and manufacturing. Custom signs (multi-colored, company logos, etc.) will be priced on a per case basis.


It is mutually agreed that the Sponsor’s participation in the league is limited to that of financial contributor. The payment of the below amount shall satisfy all obligations and responsibilities on the part of the Sponsor, and that no liability is assumed by the Sponsor for any risks and hazards incidental to participation in the league by players, volunteer leaders and workers, spectators or others associated with the league.


The Sponsor also agrees that of the sponsorship payment will be for advertisement services only.